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Who We Are

Kay Weber

Vice President Commercial & Value Consulting at T-Systems International

"Danielle is an amazing coach. As I am constantly striving towards reaching a well balanced and successful life, she showed me new perspectives through emphatic communication skills and determined coaching technique. She made me aware of my strengths and achievements and helped me to understand challenges in my work-life balance and where energy that I put in does not hit the expected outcome. Enabled through her inspiring advice on my goals, I was able to define a vision to broaden my future ambitions and to manage my outcome more effectively balancing my time, my relationship and my family as well as my job. Danielle created a very friendly but encouraging environment and I felt very comfortable in all our conversations. While helping me to reflect, she used her own life experience and competent methods to reveal issues of relevance. I am very thankful for this excellent coaching experience with Danielle. She improved quality in my life,  gave me the right triggers and a plan for successfully change and grow. I can only recommend her as a coach."

Stefan Röhrbein

Head of Internal Audit, Risk & Crisis Mgmt. of a Mining and Energy Company

"At a critical time in my career, i.e at the crossroads of my professional development, I had the pleasure to sit down with Danielle and structure my thoughts and objectives and get some much-needed clarity as to where I want to be in three to five years. With her very sociable and at the same time analytic way, she was able to open me up and identify the weaknesses of my plans which were fogged up by internal obstacles. She helped me to articulate what would be good for myself. At the end of the session, I had a well-structured set of goals and a number of strategic approaches at my disposal. Really amazing! One can tell she loves what she's doing, and she is very good at it."


Mila Readinger


"Danielle is a great coach. She was able to guide me to see what I needed to see in my relationship and it gave me so much clarity. She is very empathetic and knows where she needs to go deeper. She helped me to set strategic goals for the future in order for me to change my situation. I love working with Danielle because she helps me to get more focused and organize my thoughts. I can definitely recommend her as a coach and look forward to continue working with her in the future."

Mou Nyee Lim

Business Owner

"Danielle has been really exceptional. When I first met her, my goal was actually to achieve my ideal weight. Danielle managed to not only help me and encourage me to live up to that ideal weight/health, but she did much more. She was very sharp in picking up the hidden issues I have with my son (19y.o). So, she coached me on both my weight/health as well as my relationship with my son. I am happy to say that there were positive progress in both aspects. Danielle is very encouraging, very patient and uses quite a fair bit of humor in the session. She is very warm and makes you feel very comfortable and safe with her. Strongly recommends her coaching service to everyone."


Geraldine Bludau

Teacher at Leipzig International School

I have had the chance of doing two different types of coaching with Danielle, the first was an outstanding Team Coaching Seminar who lasted 4 hours which was called; Success is an inside job. We learned different ways of coping with personal and professional issues in order to live a balanced life with a positive mindset. I have also received some private coaching dealing with a personal problem that I was facing at the time. No anymore! With her well-directed questions and insights, Danielle put me back on the “right” path and I could successfully keep growing professionally and emotionally. Thanks to her deep experience in coaching and her professionalism, I can truly recommend her.

Rahul Singh

Complex Deal Management T-System (Deutsche Telekom)

Danielle is an exceptionally competent and skilled coach and these coaching sessions allowed the opportunity to look at the way you do things differently. The coaching was well structured and prepared and Danielle introduced the practice of tiny habits which have a tremendous outcome on the way daily challenges are handled. Danielle's coaching helped see situations from a different perspective and by choosing the right words, attitude and mindset, it can radically change outcomes. The tools and practices are simple yet highly effective and I have implemented a number of these already in my daily life. Thank you Danielle - you are fantastic!

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